About Us

I'm James: a father, husband and the creator of GiftedPath.

The idea for GiftedPath was born shortly after the birth of my daughter, Samantha. Even before Sam's arrival, my wife and I were overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and family. We received many thoughtful gifts in the form of baby toys, clothes, furniture, accessories, and a host of gadgets we never even knew existed!

It occurred to us that that the money spent on gifts for our daughter could be going towards her education. With the increasing costs of eduction, we would rather have people helping us work towards sending Sam to college, than paying for clothes and toys that she will quickly outgrow. Our dilemma was that we couldn't think of a polite way of saying "No gifts please. We have everything we need. If you really feel obliged, please consider contributing to one of the greatest gifts of all - the gift of education."

Shortly before Sam's first birthday party, I put together a prototype of this site and sent an invitation to our guests. I asked them to consider making a small donation to Sam's college fund rather than bringing a gift to the party. The response was overwhelming. We ended up receiving close to $1,000! We knew we were onto a good thing. We could feel better about accepting gifts and people could feel better about giving something that wouldn't end up on a shelf or donated to Goodwill after a few uses.

We hope GiftedPath helps you prepare for the future for you and the people you love.

Your Friends at GiftedPath,
James, Amy and Sam